Gratitude, November and I

Whoa! I can’t believe December is already here! Whether or not you’re ready for it, it’s here. Aarghh! How did that happen? Hard truth. Gulp!

Gratitude Poster

But let me just go back and think about how my November went by. For starters, I began this month by enrolling my food blog for the Daily Challenge – NaBloPoMo. Well, you can imagine how that would’ve gone. I posted for 17 days without any much trouble and then I stopped. Just like that. May be I needed a break. I needed time to go out and smell some fresh air. To spend more time with my husband who by then had completed his examinations. So, I wasn’t feeling guilty as to not able to complete the challenge. I am still posting though. But I decided not to back date any. I am overwhelmed by the love shown to my blogs over time and I am trying to reciprocate the same love to y’all by visiting your spaces.

Demonetization was a shock alright. Especially since I had some savings in the form of few 1000’s and 500’s which my husband was never aware of. Well, well.🙂 I understand the hardships demonetization has brought by but I am also grateful that I live in a place where I can get by with minimal cash. There was hardly any traveling too, so all was almost well. It was great to know how happy the chaiwalas and shopkeepers were. They said that though it was initially difficult, they were happy with this massive decision that the government had taken. P and I spent some time in the bank helping the people in filling up the forms for depositing and withdrawing money. Let’s hope things get back to normalcy soon.

I made some good friends here in the Cantonment. We meet every other day and its so much fun to have girlfriends. We discuss about anything under the sun and the current topic revolves around winter shopping. This is my first winter in North India and yes, it was pretty bad to begin with. But somehow I haven’t gotten sick (yet!) and I am loving the climate.

Winter has brought fresh vegetables in the market and I feel so glad to use them in my daily cooking. We’ve also started growing some in our lawn and I hope it comes out good. A couple of months ago, I received a Bamboo plant as a gift. But whenever I got it, I’ve always seen it rotten away. Whatever I did, I could never save the plant. Except now! My plant is growing well and every time I look at it, I feel content.

I won the ‘Who’s your Jug?’ activity conducted by Blogadda and I received couple movie tickets for the movie #DearZindagi. The movie took me by surprise. There were no twists and melodrama. It was something I could relate to. Of course, as the movie was about to end, I could see my husband yawn and I agree that the movie could’ve been cut short by at least 20-25 mins. But, it was refreshingly different. Have you watched the movie? You definitely should.

The one thing I regret not doing this month is reading. I have so many books pending to read and review and I am on it now.

Touch wood, I’ve many exciting things planned for December and I really hope things go as planned. I am playing Secret Santa hosted by Blog-A-Rythym and Blogchatter blogging communities. I have got two awesome Santees and I’m in the hunt for sending them some amazing gifts. I have few things lined up for my blogs and personal front too. Psst…more on that next month.

P.S: WordPress says this is my 500th post🙂 That’s a huge things for me and I am so grateful to the blogging communities Write Tribe, Blog-A-Rhythm and Blogchatter for the never-ending support and for always being there. Thanks to my dear readers for all the encouragement.  I hope to continue writing more and keep you entertained!


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And Sing,”I’ll be there for you”

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I was woken up by a kiss planted on my forehead and to the aroma of freshly baked eggs and bread. I snuggled close to my husband as he smiled. We walked to the porch, settled down on the garden swing- me with a cup of coffee in hand and he with a newspaper. This was a routine we followed every Sunday. We chatted for quite sometime trying to catch up on things we missed to discuss over the week. I asked him, “Do you have a best friend”?

He looked at me in surprise.

“I mean…do you have someone with whom you can share all your teeny-weeny things, your top-most secrets in life or even go to, if you commit murder?”, I added.

“Yup” He said without any much emotion.

It was now my turn to be surprised. “Maj.A, your course-mate?” Maj.A rings him up every alternate day, more than his parents, just to catch up on ‘things’. He was the only one invited to our wedding (from his set of friends from the Army) along with his family and I’ve heard such fond memories shared between the two during their training days.

He gave it a thought before answering and then said, “Yes. He is.What about you?”

“Yes. And the journey of my friendship with my BFF flashed in front of my eyes.

My Roomie is my Partner in Crime!

Husband had to leave for his next posting and I had decided to stay back in Pune for work. It was then that I had a great roommate. Swati and I were co-workers too. She was the one with whom I talked to the whole night. She was my fashion consultant, someone with whom I can share my Maggi at any hour of the night, go shopping or watch Friends or Game of Thrones or any boring movie with. It is by sheer luck that you find someone who can match up to you. Because if you have a mediocre roommate with annoying habits, you are literally screwed. Thank God I finally had her as a great roomie after 7 years of my hostel life!

Coworker and BFFs!

As said before, she was also my teammate. And she has seen me cry in the washroom when our manager made a mess of my appraisal. She was the one who saw me every day or warned me to stop online shopping because our boss was coming over.  She was the one with whom you can go from the serious business-oriented woman to a gossip monger within minutes and calms you from getting the fifth nervous breakdown of the day.  Many a times, she was the only reason that made me want to be at work.

All I had to do was sit upright, raise my head and nod at her, and she knew I badly wanted a cup of coffee. And we were out in the pantry, grabbing a cup of cappuccino, letting our frustration about our TL. “He ought to be back in KG classes, I tell you! Did you read the mail he sent to the client? Oh Gosh!”, and that’s how our conversation always started with.

She was simply the one who brightened up my day. Even if it means pouring my heart out, my worries and scares and all things that entails with it. It meant nagging about my MIL issues or figuring out why my husband didn’t give me a call yet. It also meant sharing the excitement of her courtship days and the silly reasons due to which she fought with her fiancee. Work was so good whenever she was around and it was equally fun sending out smileys in our IM. We were upright about the issues we faced within the project/team, making us heads of the “Agony Committee”. Oh yeah, we did have one named that way. When in our rooms, we were a team and pulled our friend’s legs through Whatsapp group chats. She was more than a coworker. She is a very dear friend.

What has changed now? We aren’t co-workers anymore. And she is now married too. But I know even when we are busy with our own lives, I can any day give a call to her and she’d always be there to lend her ear and her shoulders to lean on. I do miss her a lot and I truly wish we lived in the same city so that we can catch up over a cup of coffee and a movie perhaps. She is choosy but I know she would love to watch the Shah Rukh Khan- Alia Bhatt starrer “Dear Zindagi” which is hitting the theaters this Friday.

And yes, Of course. She is the ‘Jug’ of my life❤

Dear Zindagi poster alia bhatt shahrukh khan

Dear Zindagi poster alia bhatt shahrukh khan

So, tell me, do you have a BFF? 

And do you have someone to hum along…

I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.
I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before.
I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too.

– Friends

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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